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Got a toothache? Maybe it’s allergies! (5.21.13)

It’s prime time allergy season, which means all kinds of annoying symptoms lie ahead for most of us. But did you know that toothaches can be one of them? Before you start to dread that you might be in need of a root canal, read on to see if you might just be suffering from a sinus infection instead! The teeth & sinuses are neighbors, and what happens to one can very much impact the other. Bacteria, fungus, smoke, pollen and other environmental ‘ick’ can cause inflammation in your sinus cavities, thus causing infection.  Over time, chronic sinusitis can aggravate facial nerves & tooth roots. For the full article on tips for fighting allergies, and ways to ‘test’ if your tooth pain is from your sinuses, click here. But if in doubt, contact Dr. Schulman and he can help you figure it out!