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How safe is the Panoramic x-ray? (10.16.12)

If you’re concerned about the safety of film x-rays, you’re not alone… But here are some reassuring facts about the Panoramic x-ray and why you shouldn’t let fear prevent you from getting one at your next cleaning!
* X-rays provide advanced warning for tooth decay, impacted wisdom teeth, the overall structure read more…alignment of the teeth, jaw and sinuses
* Panoramic x-rays are crucial tools for early diagnosis of bone and gum disease, oral cancer, joint dysfunction, sinus deformities or disease
* Patients would need to receive roughly 70 full mouth series of dental x-rays, averaging 18 to 20 films per series, over the period of the year to reach the maximum specified safe occupational radiation level determined by the Washington State Department Of Health
* You are exposed to as much or more radiation in your daily life than you are in the dental office, so trust your hygienist when she recommends x-rays. It’s for your benefit!