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Mouth Morsels, Summer Edition (5.21.13)

Enjoy some fun Summertime recipes from our office!
From Bonnie:

Nick Anthe’s Bean Salad

5 cups cooked red kidney beans
¾ cup celery, finely diced
¾ cup Spanish olives, finely diced
1 cup sweet pickles, finely diced
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon white pepper
½ cup mayonnaise (or to taste)
2 tablespoons sweet pickle juice

Directions:  Rinse beans thoroughly and drain well.  Mix with all ingredients.  Chill.  Serve as salad or with crackers for an appetizer.

From Food Network:
Orange Mojito
orange mojito

1/2 orange, cut into 3 wedges
1/2 lime, cut into 3 wedges
2 tsp sugar
1-2 sprigs fresh  mint
2-1/2 oz white rum
1 C crushed ice

Put oranges, limes, sugar & mint in a large rocks glass. Muddle the leave and citrus by pressing them with a pestle or wooden spoon until juicy & fragrant. Add rum and ice. Shake or stir until combined and chilled. Serve. Enjoy!