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The “Angelina Effect” 5.21.13

Would you do what Angelina did??

Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy  has been the talk of the town lately. She took drastic measures to lessen her high risk of developing breast & ovarian cancer.  While we can’t completely prevent cancer, we can increase our odds against it – especially when it comes to our mouths.  Every year 40,000 cases of mouth & throat cancer are diagnosed. But YOU don’t have to be a statistic.  Here are a few easy ways to help keep mouth/throat cancer at bay:

1. Be sure to visit Dr. Schulman TWICE a year for your regular cleanings & exams. During every exam he checks for abnormalities in your mouth and conducts an oral cancer screening.
2. Avoid heavy use of alcohol, and avoid tobacco products entirely.
3. Feel your neck regularly and check for lumps.
4. Eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables.
5. Be your own advocate! If you don’t think something is right, ask Dr. Schulman or your regular physician about it!