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Why It’s Important to Update Your Medical History!!

Update Your Medical History – Here’s Why It’s Important!

“Why do I need to fill out another medical form when everything is still the same?” This is a common question dental practices deal with on a regular basis with many patients. While it may seem like an inconvenience to update a medical history, it is imperative to make sure each patient has given you all of their past and current medical information. A medical history acts as a “blueprint” in determining the safest, optimal care that each patient needs and deserves. It can also reduce the risk of injury, medical emergency, and lessens the chance of alleged liability towards the clinician.

More than two hundred million Americans seek some sort of dental treatment each year, whether they come in for regular check-ups or dental emergencies when they are from suffering pain.

It is more simplified when a clinician is familiar with a patient, one who keeps regular appointments. You know that patient, but it is more complex when a patient comes in for the first time. Either way, medical status can change in just one day, so it is our responsibility to use good judgment and make sure we become familiar with any medical concerns or changes, document them, and provide an acknowledged signature.