Advanced Oral Care at Home

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Proper oral care starts at home.

To know how you can improve your oral health routine, schedule a dental consultation at Schulman Esthetic and General Dentistry. We can give you professional advice on how you can take better care of your teeth at home based on the condition of your teeth and gums.

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The Best Things to Do Keep Your Optimal Oral Health

While regular dental visits are essential to better oral health, there are many things you can do at home to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for years to come. Here are some practices to keep in mind:

Use a Mouthwash and Dental Floss

You may think that brushing alone is enough, but the truth is that it is not. Adding mouthwash and dental floss to your daily routine can significantly help improve your oral hygiene.

Rinsing with mouthwash can help in killing more oral bacteria, preventing plaque to build up. On the other hand, flossing helps remove food particles from between teeth that brushing can’t reach. It is recommended to floss every time you brush your teeth, ideally before you brush so brushing can remove any particles you’ve unearthed with the floss.

Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

A worn toothbrush loses its effectiveness in removing plaque, which is why you need to change it regularly. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months or as soon as the bristles fray.

As much as possible, only use only soft-bristle toothbrushes. Other types of toothbrushes may leave you feeling cleaner, but they can be too abrasive to the teeth — making them vulnerable to decay.

Don’t Brush Too Often

When it comes to your dental health, more is always not better. It’s best that you only brush your teeth twice a day. Too much brushing may damage the enamel of your teeth and possibly your gums as well.

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