Dental Bridges

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Got a missing tooth or two?

Getting a dental bridge may be a good option to consider. As the name suggests, it is a cosmetic dental device that acts as a bridge spanning the space between two existing teeth. Essentially, this cosmetic restorative dental product is a false tooth that is anchored by the teeth on either side of the gap.

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Why Would You Need a Dental Bridge?

If you are self-conscious about the way you smile or have some chewing difficulties due to missing teeth, talking with your dentist about dental bridges may be a good idea. A great thing about dental bridges is that you have different options to choose from — allowing you to find one that best suits your dental needs and preferences. Some of them are:

  • Traditional fixed bridge
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Maryland dental bridge (resin-bonded bridge)
  • Implant-supported bridge

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Benefits of Dental Bridges

The oral work involved with a bridge generally includes two or three visits. Given its many benefits, there is no denying that it is a good solution for people who wants an artificial teeth replacement that looks and feels natural.

Here’s why you should consider dental bridges:

Restore Your Smile

At Schulman Esthetic and General Dentistry, our goal is to bring back your beautiful smile, and dental bridge treatment is one of the best choices you’ve got. Restoring your smile can make you feel confident about your appearance and avoid being self-conscious every time you need to speak or smile.

Improve Speaking and Chewing

Dental bridges can help improve your quality of life in more ways than one. If you have multiple tooth loss, it is not uncommon to experience difficulty in chewing and speaking. But since both of them play a vital role in your life, they should never be challenging or uncomfortable in the first place. By investing in a dental bridge, you will be able to easily avoid or resolve these issues.

Helps Maintain Your Face’s Natural Shape

If you have significant tooth loss, your remaining teeth are at risk to shift, which may cause your face to deteriorate and lose its natural shape. Failing to fill the gap can even lead to further tooth loss. To keep your natural teeth in place and prevent any jawbone deterioration, you should fill those spaces with an artificial restorative element, such as a dental bridge.

Find the Best Dental Bridges in Dunwoody, GA

Do you think dental bridges may be a good option for you? Schedule a consultation with Schulman Esthetic and General Dentistry to know if you are a good candidate. Our highly trained and experienced dental staff ensures that you will have a relaxing and comfortable experience during your visit. Dr. Schulman will assess your condition to know if a dental bridge or another cosmetic dentistry treatment is best for you

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